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    Tasting Green Paid Member

    Introduction: Entering the KitchenMore »
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    Haiku Moments Paid Member

    Boardwalk (Coney Island)View the complete portfolio here. An Xiao might be described as a triple-threat. A poet, photographer, and Zen Buddhist, Xiao was raised in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and urban Los Angeles. Encouraged by her mother to pursue her creative interests, Xiao believes that her photography reflects her natural curiosity. “Every time I point my lens somewhere,” she says, “I’m really just eager to learn more about my subject.” More »
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    Does Music Exist? Paid Member

    Since the advent of analog, broadcast television we’ve been amazed at the possibility of transmitting images from one location to another. We’re told that televised images are broken down into tiny pieces, sent sequentially through waves in the atmosphere, and somehow, miraculously reassembled into coherent images on our television screens. Amazingly, this act of breathtaking wizardry has been tacitly accepted as a mundane aspect of our lives.More »
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    Family Dharma: Taking Refuge (On the Wings of Angels) Paid Member

    While on silent vipassana retreat many years ago, I was introduced to the Buddhist tradition of Taking Refuge. Along with about one hundred other yogis (retreatants), I repeated after our teachers these phrases: “I take refuge in the Buddha, I take refuge in the Dharma, I take refuge in the Sangha.” We chanted this trio of phrases three consecutive times. I don’t remember exactly how the teachers explained this ritual to us. Silent retreat was a relatively new experience for me, and I accepted More »
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    Confessions of a Buddhist Book Junkie Paid Member

    Read more by Martha Henry on tricycle.com The Centipede and I Keeping it from the Family The Blossoming Self Little Decisions Killing the Buddha Are you a Buddhist? Among Other Things Confessions of a Buddhist Book Junkie The Real End of SilenceMore »
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    A Spine to Hang Your Heart, or Strong Back, Soft Front Paid Member

    A guided meditation for the practice of being with dying More »