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    Whole Life Offering Week 1 Q&A Paid Member

    1.Do you see a connection between your attention to water and the Taoist ideal of water being the supreme good we should aspire to? Water is the most yielding thing on earth, yet it splits mountains and carves canyons. I think that we have lost respect for the basic things that keep us alive and the world will someday look back on our abundance of water with wonder—and anger. More »
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    Train Your Mind: Drive All Blames into One Paid Member

    12. Drive all blames into one. More »
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    Green Koans: The Great Compassionate One’s True Eye Paid Member

    Two Butterflies, by Seiko Morningstar BACKGROUND:Mayu and Lin-chi (Rinzai) were 9th century Ch’an Buddhist monks. The Great Compassionate One is the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, also known as Kannon or Kuan-yin. He/she is often depicted in Buddhist art as having 1,000 arms and hands, each of which displays an eye at the center of its palm. More »
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    Train Your Mind, Slogan 11 Paid Member

    11. When the world is filled with evil, transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi.When things go wrong, when we encounter obstacles, the last thing on our minds is the dharma. Instead, what is the first thing on our minds? Ourselves! It is all about how we are being inconvenienced, burdened, put upon, attacked, misunderstood, rejected—you name it. Not only do we lose track of the path, but our concern for others goes into hibernation as we focus front and center on our own particular problem. More »
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    Green Koans: Shantideva's Sword Paid Member

    Monju (Manjushri) by Seiko Morningstar More »
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    Martine Batchelor Week 4 Q & A Paid Member

    1. Dear Martine, What other forms of questioning meditation are there than "What is This?" and the koans? It seems to me very useful, but is sitting with a question, "Why do I do such-and-such?" likely to bring an answer, or an examination of the process? I'm not sure. Thank you for the retreat! Martine responds: More »