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    Train Your Mind: Seeing Confusion as the four kayas Paid Member

    14. Seeing confusion as the four kayas Is unsurpassable shunyata protection. More »
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    Whole Life Offering Week 3 Q& A Paid Member

    1. I love the idea of art as offering, as with your bowls. But in my own life I find I don't have the time or when I have the time I don't have the energy to offer art. The time I would use for this would be selfish because I would not then be available for others. And I feel mostly that my motives for wanting to create art are entirely selfish: ego, alone time, scratching my own itch. More »
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    Green Koans: The Person of the Way Paid Member

    Hotei in a Boat BACKGROUND:Gyosen (d. 1278) first studied Shingon teachings. Later, he mastered a variety of other meditation practices, including nembutsu, reciting the Buddha’s name. COMMENTARY:How could heaven and earth be answerable to anything other than themselves? For there to be a practical purpose in Nature, first there would need to be impracticality, and nowhere can we find such a thing. Asked certain questions, the Buddha remained silent. “The world isn’t answerable to your question,” he might have said. “You are answerable to the world.” But why add burdens to an already burdened mind? More »
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    Week 2 Q & A Whole Life Offering Paid Member

    1) Is there a specific practice you'd recommend for true giving, offering, generosity in a given day? It is easy to think about being generous in my morning sit but out in the world it's something else! Gassho. More »
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    Train Your Mind: Be Grateful to Everyone Paid Member

    13. Be grateful to everyone. More »
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    Green Koans: One-Page Dharma Paid Member

    Kanzan and Jitoku Holding an Empty Scroll, by Seiko Morningstar BACKGROUND:Kyobutsu—A 13th century Japanese hijiri (wanderer monk). In spite of the fact that he is the most well-represented figure in the Ichigon-hodan (“One-Word Talks Fragrant with the Dharma”), the most famous collection of Pure Land teachings from the Kamakura period, little is known of his life. Words of the Dharma—Written teachings, either the sutras themselves or the writings of later Buddhist masters. More »