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    Taitetsu Unno was born in Japan in the 1935 and moved to the United States at the age of six. During World War II he spent three and a half years behind barbed wire fences at a Japanese internment camp in Arkansas. He was later educated at the University of California, Berkeley, and reeicieved advanced degrees in Buddhist studies at Tokyo University. Currently, he is the Jill Ker Conway Professor of Religion at Smith College and an ordained priest of Shin Buddhism. More »
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    THE BUDDHA OFFERED no support to the view that we, as individuals or as a species, are naturally evolving toward liberation from lifetime to lifetime whether we try or not. The path of Dharma requires conscious, skillful effort. Without Dharma, each individual's continuum of awareness continues without end, moving from one dissatisfaction to the next. The Buddha was not content to reach states of awareness that bring mere temporary bliss or peace. He was seeking ultimate liberation from the cycle of existence. And this was his great discovery. More »
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    THIS [FOURTH NOBLE] Truth announces that when craving is removed suffering ceases and nirvana is attained. As will be recalled from the story of the Buddha's life, nirvana takes two forms: the first occurs during life and the second at death. The Buddha attained what is known as "nirvana-in-this-life" while sitting under a tree at the age of 35. At the age of 80 he passed away into "final nirvana" from which he would not be reborn. More »