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    Real or Pretend? Paid Member

    Early on, in the Martin Scorsese film Kundun, there is a scene in which the boy-king is frightened. Alone in his bed in the inner recesses of the Potala, the young Dalai Lama hears noises. A large rat scurries through the shadows. He cries out for his mother. His guardian comes in and sits by his side. The boy says, “I don’t like it here,” and the lama nods, “Yes, it’s an old, dark place.” He tells the child to look to the deities when he is afraid, and the child points to a thangka on the far wall, asking, “Who’s that one?” “Palden Lhamo, special deity to protect you and the government of Tibet.” The boy looks up at the lama and asks, “Is she real or pretend?” “She’s real.” The answer comes without hesitation. “She’s real.” More »
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    The Mind of Enlightenment: Commentary on Shantideva's Guide Paid Member

    THE ULTIMATE GOAL of Buddhist spiritual practice is the attainment of the fully awakened state of mind. This completely perfected state—variously known as enlightenment, buddhahood or the highest nirvana—can be achieved by anyone who removes the gross and subtle obstructions clouding his or her mind and develops positive mental qualities to their fullest potential. However, we shall not be able to attain this fully awakened state if we do not first develop bodhichitta, the mind of enlightenment. What is bodhichitta? More »