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    "Well, I don't know about his next life, but in a past life I think he was King David, who was madly in love with Bathsheba. After all, what's the difference between the past and the present?" Joel Siegal Civil Rights Attorney, San Francisco, CA   "A green and slimy frog." Sarah Whitehead Yoga Instructor, Providence, RI     More »
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    Tricycle Pilgrimage 2012 Paid Member

    Tricycle’s Pilgrimage to Nepal and Bhutan November 18th- December 7th, 2012Sacred Sites and Living Masters of the Himalayan Buddhist Tradition Join us as we cross the Himalayas through Nepal and Bhutan, visiting sites central to the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Meet with eminent spiritual masters who will offer teachings on the core thought and practices of their respective lineages. Interact with specialists from diverse fields, who will highlight the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of the places you visit. Teachings will be further illuminated by Buddhist scholar and practitioner Dr. John Makransky, who will lead daily meditation practice and periods of reflection. This program is practice-oriented and not a traditional travel tour. It is open to all, beginners and longtime practitioners alike. More »
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    Tricycle Pilgrimage 2014 Paid Member

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