The Urgency of Self-Discovery & Where is Peace to Be Found

A dharma talk with Larry Rosenberg

In this dharma talk given in April at the Insight Meditation Center of Newburyport, insight meditation teacher Larry Rosenberg examines the process of delving into our own minds, compelling us to discern the pleasure-seeking thought patterns of our ego from the authentic and ineffable energy of the awakened mind.  

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peacefoodlove's picture

You are a true, urgentleman, Larry. My upaya is a blend of language, technology, and food--it's a method I work very hard with...but sometimes take too hard--not softly (or lightly): I do not go "urgentle" into that good night. But I can learn.
This talk was so useful to me. Thank you for giving me this neological reframe. I worry about striving a lot ( get caught up in it, a lot), and your thoughts on urgency helped reduce the burden: I can BE urgentle, as an approach, a methodology--just looking at the word helped me get away from the word itself (as a language worshipper).
Because I process via food mettaphor, I loved what you said about those who are selling food and potentially mindfulness as "wholeness," and thought the idea of billing a sitting room only dharma talk by offering wholeness was hilarious. Maybe also try "organicness" in press materials--people will love it, even if they never stop and think about our own buddha nature as the ultimate in organic resourcing (I think "luminousness" may be a stretch...). If I "borrow" your Whole Foods/wholeness observation for my own writing or teaching, I promise (as an English teacher) to cite you. Deep bows and thanks, Stacia

Russosharon's picture

You are truly awesome, Larry. I mean that in the older use of the term "awesome!" Thank you so much!

Don's picture

The best dharma talk talk ever. I will listen to this again and once more after a little time has past.
Thank You Larry Rosenberg.