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Author Tara Bennett-Goleman interviews Sinhalese peacemaker A.T. Ariyaratne

In this exclusive video conversation for Tricycle, author of the new book Mind Whispering Tara Bennett-Goleman interviews the "Gandhi of Sri Lanka," A.T. Ariyaratne. Dr. Ari, as he is affectionately known, began the Sinhalese Sarvodaya ("awakening of all") movement. Combining Gandhian ideals, Buddhist philosophy, and ecumenical spirituality, the socially engaged Buddhist movement focuses on the political empowerment of the village, Buddhist awakening, and rural development.

Addressing the concept of psychological modes of connection and disconnection, one of the topics in Mind Whispering, Bennett-Goleman speaks with Dr. Ari about his experiences with nonviolent conflict resolution, overcoming group differences, and his personal motivations and insights into the power of broad political and socioeconomic reformation grounded in collective spiritual rehabilitation.

Read an excerpt from Mind Whispering, "From Them to Us"—the story of how Dr. Ari won the respect of a Sinhalese mobster known as "the king of killers" who was plotting to murder him.

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jackelope65's picture

There is audio but very soft requiring headphones or amplified speakers. This is a very fine interview and too bad some may not hear it. please amplify at Tricycle if possible.

Andrew Gladstone's picture

Hi jackelope64

Thanks for the alert - on our end the audio works well and the levels are where they should be for standard web streaming. If you are listening on laptop speakers or weaker computer speakers, that might be the problem. You might also check the Vimeo player to make sure the volume on the player is all the way up. If the problem persists, you can contact vimeo support here.

Thank you!

Andrew Gladstone,

ovidiowaldemar's picture

There is no audio. My audio is working fine!