Tricycle Hosts Special Underwater Retreat

Underwater MedHappy April Fool's Day! 

With love,

The Tricycle Staff & Tibetan Buddhist teacher "Sloof Lirpa"

P.S. No, there's no such thing as a Chu retreat!








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David Gould's picture

The Dharma goes West and Buddha-fies April Fool's Day. Wonderful!!

Hanny2's picture

it was that calm abiding with the inhalation that got a bit tricky...and also, by the time i'd realized it was a joke, my fingers had gone all prune-y.

Dominic Gomez's picture

"Become as inseparable as fish and the water in which they swim." Nichiren Daishonin (1222-1282)

KaKu4712's picture

Actually, as a Zen meditator, psychotherapist and scuba diving instructor, I used to lead retreats in the Florida Keys and Caribbean in which we combined scuba diving with meditation and group therapy. Since talking underwater is very difficult, the silence is relaxing and peaceful!
Bob Gunn

alalaho's picture

i love it! =)
you guys are great! thank you for bringing a great big smile to this old mug!


tarasdancing's picture

love this - i thought that my son, who is loving diving, might be interested - ha ha ha - very fun and i wish it were happening.! :)

ajimind's picture

Whaat ! I'm sitting (gurgle,gurgle) underwater , waiting for others to join in (gurgle,gurgle) and NO-ONE is joining (gurgle,gurgle)

lenleyl's picture

Good one! New/old take on the dark retreat or a revival of the sensory deprivation tank, I wondered. LOL!

sallyotter's picture

I am still laughing!! Thank you.

alexmeyns's picture

Made my day you tricksters - I was all ready to suit-up!

nollm's picture

hilarious, i can hardly catch my breath : )

amb's picture

you catch me ;-) love it!

slainte's picture

Love it!!!!

eosforos's picture

Of course there isn't! :))))))
Thank you for this really funny (and re-freshing) entry.