Tricycle/Summer 2006

Volume 15, Number 4

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on practice


  • Clark Strand speaks with Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America Socho Koshin Ogui on the subtle concept of practice in the Pure Land tradition.
    Clark Strand


  • Country music trailblazer Jimmie Dale Gilmore sets his dharmic insight to a Texas beat.
    Mary Talbot
  • Pioneering neuroscientist, renowned pianist, and inventor Dr. Manfred Clynes takes Eliot Fintushel on a tour of his enterprising world.


  • Anne Cushman goes undercover in the Buddhist branch of the online dating world.
    Anne Cushman
  • David A. Taylor tracks the elusive ginseng plant from the menacing forests of ancient China to the misty slopes of the Smoky Mountains.
    David A. Taylor
  • Are faith and empiricism compatible? For Thanissaro Bhikkhu, they are inseparable components of an authentic Buddhist practice.
    Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  • Tracy Cochran visits with transreligious visionary Frederick Franck at his “oasis of sanity.”
    Tracy Cochran
  • Cultivating compost in the murky depths of a monastery toilet, Steve Krieger learns to break down his raw material, inner and outer.
    Steve Krieger

sangha spotlight

  • An unconventional Sri Lankan monk attracts a crowd in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
    Lauren Heaton

on science

  • What Buddhists can learn from ants, atoms, and complexity theory
    Neil D. Theise

in memoriam

thus have i heard

  • Acting with wisdom and compassion requires a steady mind.
    Andrew Olendzki

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