Tricycle/Summer 2005

Volume 14, Number 4

In This Issue

on location

on gardening

  • Wendy Johnson takes a closer look at what gets left behind.
    Wendy Johnson


parting words


  • Strange but true tales from the modern Buddhist world
    Jeff Wilson
  • A Tibetan lama invites us to the theater of emptiness.
    Dzigar Kongtrül Rinpoche
  • In the face of vanishing freedom, Joel Agee finds inspiration in the story of Siddhartha Gautama.
    Joel Agee
  • Alexandra David-Neel (1868—1969), the first European to penetrate the Tibetan plateau and investigate its mysterious religion, records her encounter with a lung-gom-pa, a monk capable of traveling great distances on foot at a supernormal speed.
    Alexandra David-Neel
  • Sharon Salzberg on Aung San Suu Kyi’s sixtieth birthday
    Sharon Salzberg
  • Tricycle’s Andrew Cooper chats with Rafi Zabor, the author of "The Bear Comes Home", which received the PEN/Faulkner Award in 1998 as the year’s best American work of fiction. His book “I, Wabenzi” is due out in the fall of 2005.
  • Anne Donovan

dharma talk


on practice

  • Basic Buddhist meditation practices can transform the way you think and the way you view the world. Here, five teachers offer introductory methods for changing your mind—and your life.
    Barry Magid, Gil Fronsdal, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, Peter Doobinin and Judith Simmer-Brown


  • Trinlay Tulku Rinpoche was born in France to an American mother and French father. Recognized as an incarnate lama at the age of two, he was raised by some of the last century’s greatest Tibetan masters. What can he teach us about ourselves?
    Pamela Gayle White


  • Renowned scholar of Christianity Elaine Pagels explains how historical study can rescue religion from dogma in an interfaith dialog with Tricycle's Andrew Cooper


my view

practical pilgrim

editors view

thus have i heard

  • Unraveling the Buddha’s teachings on how we construct ourselves
    Andrew Olendzki

special section

  • Seven Meditations for Connecting with Nature
    Mark Coleman
  • The wildness at the edge of awareness
    Gary Thorp
  • Cushman's introduction to Summer 2005's special section: Green Dharma
    Anne Cushman
  • A conversation on Buddhism, corporate power, confrontational tactics, and the future of the world with Rainforest Action Network chairman Jim Gollin
  • and other Buddhist practices to save the planet
    Susan Moon
  • Katy Butler finds her spiritual ground
    Katy Butler
  • Interconnectedness is not all fuzzy and warm. In a free-ranging discussion with Clark Strand, pioneering Buddhist Michael Soulé discusses the pitfalls and saving graces of its shadow side.