Tricycle/Summer 2003

Volume 12, Number 4

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on the cushion

sangha spotlight

my view

  • Caught in the stress of everyday life, we lose perspective. Manjusura writes of a philosophy that can change our lives.



  • An Interview With Karen Armstrong
  • A rare combination of youth and wisdom, Mingyur Rinpoche discusses his life as a young teacher and student of the dharma.

parting words


on gardening

on film

  •  On the Set with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche
    Siok Sian Pek

editors view

on practice

dharma talk


  • Anne Cushman negotiates a life between the playground and the meditation hall.
    Anne Cushman
  • David Guy discovers a method for confronting his deepest fears.
    David Guy
  • Views from Abroad: Tricycle asks four Buddhists—in Croatia, Israel, Britain, and Japan—to weigh in on war and the possibility of peace.
  • Biologist Joe Franke asks: Is it possible to take refuge in the Buddha while killing off invasive species?
    Joe Franke
  • How to resist that cookie? Sandra Weinberg explores the problem of craving in a world of abundance.
    Sandra Weinberg
  • Interview: George Mumford, sports psychologist and L.A. Lakers meditation coach,  talks about his troubled youth, his encounter with Buddhism, and the peculiar challenge of putting a ball into a basket.came to Buddhism from a troubled youth. Katy Butler talks with the man behind the bench.
  • David R. Loy argues that our true fear is not of dying but of not existing in the first place.
    David R. Loy