Tricycle/Summer 2000

Volume 9, Number 4

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dharma talk

  • Lama Yese, the great sage of Kathmandu in the 1970's, expounded Vajrayana Buddhism to the first wave of Westerners seeking wisdom in the Himalayas.
    Lama Thubten Yeshe



  • In an open letter, William R. Lafleur, professor of Japanese Studies, criticizes the Roman Catholic Church for its stand against contraception and implores the pope to reconsider the Vatican's position in light of Buddhist ethics. 
    William R. LaFleur
  • Susan Lirakis Nicolay
  • Robert Hirschfield
  • Anne A. Simpkinson on the increasing numbers of dharma teachers who are also therapists. What happens when your teacher is your shrink?
    Anne A. Simpkinson
  • Lee Yu Ban
  • Kenneth S. Cohen on what got China's hackles up about the mysterious Qigong meditation movement. Is Falun Gong a turning of the dharma wheel or a new fundamentalism?
    Kenneth S. Cohen

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