Tricycle/Spring 2008

Volume 17, Number 3

In This Issue

on gardening

  • In an excerpt from her new book, Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate, Wendy Johnson recalls a personal pilgrimage across the mountains of Northern California.
    Wendy Johnson

my view

  • How are we meant to understand this key Buddhist teaching?
    David Loy
  • How teenagers in an impoverished Parisian neighborhood discovered Buddhism and the courage to sustain hope.
    Mariane Pearl

thus have i heard


  • What did the Buddha really mean by “mindfulness?” B. Alan Wallace describes how misunderstanding the term can have implications for your practice.
    B. Alan Wallace
  • Contributing editor Katy Butler speaks with renowned architect Christopher Alexander, who has spent decades investigating the source and forms of beauty. What he has found is a pathway to God.

on the cushion

dharma talk

  • Joseph Goldstein teaches that we can improve the way we relate to others—strangers and friends alike. Artwork by Qiu Deshu
    Joseph Goldstein

editors view


  • Just as a seed contains the whole plant, the syllables of Siddham calligraphy are concentrations of enlightened energy. This holy script played a crucial role in the journey of Tantric Buddhism from ancient India to East Asia. Text and artwork by David Schneider
    David Schneider
  • Fundamentalists here and abroad have been giving religion a bad rap lately, and so-called militant atheists have used the opportunity to take up the offensive. But according to prominent sociologist Robert N. Bellah, both sides have it wrong: they are mistaken about what religion actually is.
    Robert Bellah


  • Taitetsu Unno teaches that Buddhism is the inclusive path of optimism.
    Taitetsu Unno
  • Ajaan Lee explains how the Buddha gave us the tools to free ourselves.
    Ajaan Lee
  • Practicing caring connection, Sylvia Boorstein learns, can bring peace—even under the threat of natural disaster.
    Sylvia Boorstein

on practice

  • A guide to allowing a gentle and meaningful death for our loved ones and for ourselves, from Joan Halifax
    Joan Halifax

parting words


sangha spotlight

  • A dharma hall opens in a most unlikely place: the United States Air Force Academy.
    Travis Duncan

special section