Tricycle/Spring 2006

Volume 15, Number 3

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on gardening

  • Spying on the winged monarchs of decay
    Wendy Johnson

sangha spotlight

thus have i heard

practical pilgrim

on relationships

  • Loving the other without losing yourself
    Christopher K. Germer

dharma talk

  • Ajahn Sumedho recounts the joyful unfolding of a deep appreciation for his teacher and parents.
    Ajahn Sumedho



  • A skeptical George Johnson takes in the Dalai Lama's inaugural "Dialogues between Neuroscience and Society" lecture at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.
    George Johnson
  • Kate Wheeler finds new inspiration at the Dalai Lama's thirteenth Mind and Life conference.
    Kate Wheeler
  • In his recent book, The Universe in a Single Atom, the Dalai Lama argues for the immateriality of mind. B. Alan Wallace explains why this just may make perfect sense. Artwork by James Kerr.
    B. Alan Wallace
  • Jeff Greenwald

on practice

  • After years of meditation, you may feel you're making very little progress. But the guide you may need has been with you all along: your body. Drawing on Tibetan Yogic practices, Reggie Ray takes on the modern crisis of disembodiment. 
    Reggie Ray

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