Tricycle/Spring 2005

Volume 14, Number 3

In This Issue

thus have i heard

  • In this oft-quoted sutta, the Buddha speaks to the deva Rohitassa, who has run day and night, in vain, to reach the end of the world. Pali scholar Andrew Olendzki explains.
    Andrew Olendzki


on practice


  • The Spirituality of Art
    Norman Fischer
  • From the medicine cabinet to the meditation cushion, Anne Cushman organizes her home and gains insight into her mind.
    Anne Cushman
  • Tricycle sits down for a free-ranging discussion with several pioneers of the dialogue between science and Buddhism.
  • A case study in how mindfulness practice can aid medical treatment
    Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • For nearly a millennium and a half, Buddhism and the Hindu tradition of Advaita Vedanta have shared terminology and ideas, argued about philosophical fine points, and pointed to nondual experience. In recent decades, Advaita has had a powerful influence on many Western Buddhist teachers and practitioners as well.
    Stephen Bodian

dharma talk

  • Soyen Shaku's classic sermon on the finding balance between discipline and intuition
    Soyen Shaku


  • Shambhala Mountain Center's Reggie Ray talks to Tricycle's Ted Rose about the value of solitary retreat.
    Ted Rose
  • Tricycle speaks with Buddhist psychotherapist Mark Epstein about making peace with our deepest longings.
  • Caryl Göpfert speaks with best-selling author Natalie Goldberg about her "failed" relationship with her teacher, Katagiri Roshi
    Caryl Göpfert

special section

Earth Touching

  • Searching for meaning at home and abroad, Stephen Schettini realizes that the truth lies within.
    Stephen Schettini

in memoriam

sangha spotlight

on retreat

practical pilgrim

on gardening

  • Wendy Johnson tastes kindness in a pomegranate.
    Wendy Johnson

parting words

editors view


give & take

  • Contributing editor Andrew Cooper chats with Vipassana teacher, comedian, and author Wes Nisker on the topic “Jewish and Buddhist.”