Who Am I?

Filmmaker: Chad Scheifele

"Who am I?" is a short film about a young practitioner of mindfulness who, through a series of personal encounters, discovers the true nature of existence.

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FirinnCrith's picture

This is my favorite video because it is deep and meaningful while being "ordinary" and grounded. That's how zen has revealed insights to me, especially about self/Self. This film is awake, and it's in the world. Beautiful.

pattygiffin's picture

Hats off to a sweet film.

maxineross1's picture

Thank you I love the humanity and ordinariness of it.

marlenejones2009's picture

I agree with hanny2. "Please Call Me By My True Name" is my favorite poem, and I use it often in Dharma talks. We are all capable of misdeeds and not knowing true love.

philstuart's picture

but what if the thief had smashed the window to steal the stereo...?

compassionatechick's picture

There are so many wonderful films here, but this one has my heart. Loved it. Sums it all up beautifully. Thank you!

Hanny2's picture

Beautiful! Reminds me of the thich nhat hanh poem "please call me by my true name". Palm to palm, in gratitude.

markkemark's picture

This literally gave me goosebumps...this film was perfect!

dharmaingermany's picture

This sums the three jewels up in five minutes. Breathtaking.

drphalgoon's picture

excellent film