The Story of Home

Filmmaker: Joel Metzger

What remains when a person loses everything? What is the one possession that everyone truly owns? The feeling of life's essential current is immediately close, beautiful, and peaceful. This inner experience never leaves. This animated short is a true story of total loss and a demonstration of the permanence of inner experience.

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silcarry's picture


cazham's picture

Thank you for this Joel.
Full of meaning and simple and clear.

marlenejones2009's picture

Thank you so much, Joel! Your sacrifice is a reminder of what is most important. Very moving.

mark.p.ellingson's picture

Beautiful Joel! I love hearing your messages that remind us of what it's important in life.

Zoozyq's picture

:-) _/\_

JackandBeth's picture

Hi Joel, I knew you from Rolly's Tai Chi class. Hope you are well. Your video is truly moving, espeially the bird in the tree example. I've forwarded the link to many people. Thanks so much!

fremelius's picture

With tears of happiness in my eyes, I am awake! Thank you, Joel. Namaste

micko's picture

Sincere thanks for sharing your story. _/\_ much metta.

al_sirois's picture

Joel's films speak deeply to me, and the more I watch them, the more I get out of them. His bravery and good humor are examples to us all.'s picture

Thanks! Yes, I am making a series of videos, all with the same message. Being awake in the world is not -- for me -- being aware of the world only. It is also waking to the presence of life's current inside of myself. This feeling is closest, constant, and beautiful. -- Joel --

leslie.dailey's picture

Found you on Facebook with a link. Wanted to give your cartoon 5 stars but this site is selective about who can vote! SO I went to make a comment and it would only allow a reply! All the Best, Joel. You have put in a lot of work for this and I hope you win!

jdrose7's picture

Joel,never knew your story ... inspired about how you chose to rise above it :)

dbgnvan's picture

when I lose little things in my life I can remember this short film and be thankful for the "little" lessons my tiny "losses" provide me. Everything can be a teacher. Can I be the student is the real question.

William Slaughter's picture

I have a friend who, when he wants to pay someone his highest compliment, calls that person "a large spirit." After viewing your film, Joel, I am moved to pay you that compliment. You have to be one of the largest spirits on the planet. Thank you for making such an empowering film

Devi's picture

Thank you Joel,
5 stars! Yes, Yes! Smaller, smaller until near to annihilation, but wait, this is not annihilation this is subtle bliss! Yes, Yes, you are awake in the world. I love you. May we, all the unlimited numbers of us, know your heart, our own true mind. May we all know Buddha Nature! Rejoice!

with Metta,
Devi Somers

gbechard's picture

Excellent message Joel. I can feel it inside.

tusk2112's picture

Wow. A truly beautiful message, and one I really needed to hear right now. Namaste.

fuzzydevice's picture