Realization of the Great Void

Filmmaker: John Wassel

This is a stop motion interpretation of the famous Zen discourse from Ch'ing-yuan Wei-hsin. Through the Buddha's teaching and our own effort we can slowly understand the true nature of the world around us by overcoming our misconceptions. First believing something exists when it does not, then believing it doesn't exists when it does, and finally seeing the true nature of things.

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cachidlaw's picture

Er ... we ARE allowed preferences, yes? This film is just not my cup of tea. The images and the music jangle and jar my nervous system, and of course ... I just don't get it. So now I am going back to my cushion and try to calm myself by hearing silence and having quiet images, if any.

chefice99's picture

Wow....I see it clearly! Beauitful job.

Devi's picture

5 stars, I got it! Thank you.
With Metta,
Devi Somers