Moto Na Masi (Fire and Water)

Filmmaker: Atsushi Matsunaga and Grady Candler

Moto Na Maji (Fire & Water) documents how an extraordinary international group of religious leaders, social advocates, environmentalists, and artists gathered with local communities at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, the cradle of humanity, to offer prayers for a new awakening of compassion and altruism. An ancient fire and water ceremony was adapted by Shinnyo-en, the Japanese Buddhist order, to be shared and to be meaningful for everyone.

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marlenejones2009's picture

Very beautiful. With much gratitude.

mlemon's picture

Maybe so, but I am sooo grateful for having seen it, in whatever context.
Thank you!

Anicca1956's picture

Excellent. But I don't think It should be a contender for this competition. It was professionally produced for other purposes and was not created to fulfill the challenge set forth here.

gail.desautels's picture

rather hard to choose :)