Daily Commute

Filmmaker: J. Jason Graff

"Daily Commute" is an illustration of the challenge, humor, and reward involved in our daily practice. Though we have these crazy monkey minds, we strive on each day, recognizing the humor in our struggle.

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marlenejones2009's picture

Yes, this film shows the juxtaposition of the challenges of daily life and practice. Of course sitting is not the only time we practice. We are practicing all day long, both at work and play, with humor and soul searching.

jackelope65's picture

I thought this short film demonstrated its theme of peace and meditation within the struggles and play of daily samsaric existence very well by juxtaposing meditative and very peaceful environmental scenes with the work and play of our lives. The humor acts to both calm and entertain the viewer while depicting the film's ponderous theme.

J Jason Graff's picture

Thank you jackelope for your kind review. You captured my intent with this short film exactly.