Anicca Sanpaku

Filmmaker: Zarko Mladenovic and Nenad Simic

Humanity is dreaming, suffocating in illusions and lies presented by the media and reflected in social conditioning. Anicca Sanpaku is a perspective of awakening which contrasts the loss of humanity with our obsessive quest for consciousness.

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sanghadass's picture

does anyone know the name of the music soundtrack? i would like to get it.

Leeapollos's picture

Don't understand the high ratings. Deliberately obtuse... Does not convey the message of the Dharma in any meaningful, clear way.

marlenejones2009's picture

Lovely depiction of awakeness in the world.

bojkrk's picture

A definite winner!
I've seen all the films and Anicca Sanpaku absolutely captures the very essence of "being awake in the world"! I just hope the authors of this film will treat us with more eye openers.

carolc's picture

Art and spirituality combined with skill and vision.

jablanmedenica's picture

Watching this short film has led me to a different way of thinking and looking at things, people and life around us. Thanks for this "awaking''!

domenico_lupo's picture

Beautifully done. Wonderfully haunting.