Quantum Gaming

Jonathan Blow and Vincent Horn

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Jonathan Blow

Jonathan Blow is an indie game designer most known for his time-bending game Braid. In this episode, Jonathan describes his journey from a kid fascinated with playing video games in arcades to a game developer concerned with game design as a spiritual practice.



This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Listen to Part 2 here.

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Jonathan Blow speaks with Vincent Horn

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi millshersee,
I forwarded your question on to the team at Buddhist Geeks—they're looking into it for you!

KellySosanBearer's picture

Hi Millshersee,

You can download the BG podcasts directly from iTunes. There does not seem to be an issue any longer. Thanks for letting us know, that was very helpful! ;)


Kelly Sosan Bearer
Buddhist Geeks

millshersee's picture

Good to have you back!

millshersee's picture

A technical off-Tricycle question, so apologies. Is anyone else having trouble getting the Geeks podcasts from iTunes? I could get them a couple of weeks ago, but now there's nothing there. Buddhist Geeks show up, and some of their video podcasts, but none of the audio ones.

And they're too good to miss!