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Leonard Koan

A reflection on loss from the singer and poet Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

           © by Leonard Cohen

From Book of Longing, by Leonard Cohen, a collection of his poems and drawings from the last twenty years. Reprinted by arrangement with Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing, ©2006 by Leonard Cohen

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Joanna Piacenza's picture

Sorry about the confusion! This page is a Parting Words article, a little snippet of wisdom and inspiration that helps conclude each of our issues. That’s why it’s so short.

As for access, thank you for alerting us to this issue. The drawing—and poem—should now be available to all.

All the best,

Dominic Gomez's picture

It'd make a good bumber sticker.

alicebbyrd's picture

If Leonard is reading this string and thought to reply, it might say "LMAO."

john468's picture

This is it. Like the man says. Peace.

rayholan's picture

Maybe the website is purposely designed to create more dukkha;) I have experienced many non-sequitors over the couple of years I've been a subscriber.

Augustlight67's picture

I think what this means is that he had everything, and then lost it. So, he was taking everything for granted. And then, having realized he lost so much, he began to appreciate what he could out of everything.

zannemax's picture

C'mon, guys—this is it, complete! Words and picture. Loss. Happiness.

sanjak33's picture

Sounds like a line from a Winnie-the-Pooh book.

buddhajazz's picture

Yes, WTP probably a good re-read.

dltsoulas's picture

No way to access this. What gives?

buddhajazz's picture

Sadly. Maybe we have to buy the book?

Danny's picture

Ha, yes, thanks for your interesting comment! But can't we lose the one and still join the discussion? Lose the one, but still have a very real self constructed from the outside by causes and conditions, dependently arisen, a mind that is not atomistic but collective, nothing transcendent outside of this collective mind, existing only in social/symbolic systems, right?
By the way, I love this guys music and writing. cheers

Violet1956's picture

It's not an article, it's a page from his book.

buddhajazz's picture

Aha. That's the point then. We have to buy the book. This is an advertisement?

Sanki's picture

I think its not an article guys...I think it is a koan...but then, I think too much, maybe...

sabina's picture

I too would like to read the article! I used my password, I am a current subscriber. I'll check again
and hope that the problem is fixed! Leonard Cohen is one of my favorite poet/musicians!!
I really enjoy your articles! Peace Sabina

nancykreml's picture

Exactly! Hope they fix the link. I see Fall 2006 in the magazine info above--wonder if that's part of the problem.

donyavb's picture

I can't access this either - what is the problem?

twl4148's picture

Can't access this no matter how many strategies I employ....frustrating as this is not the first time....

DarrellGKing's picture

The title over this text box is "Join the Discussion", leading me back to only one thing again.

Danny's picture

Hi Darrell, my comment above was in reply to yours--I hit the wrong button.