December 05, 2008

Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard MountainMolecular-biologist-turned-Tibetan-monk Matthieu Ricard is widely admired for his many talents, among them photography. But  Ricard's life seems best defined by his humanitarian work and devotion to the dharma. A longtime friend and associate of his, Vivian Kurz, writes to tell us that Shechen monastery, the Nyingma monastery in Nepal where Ricard has studied and practiced for over three decades, has launched two new websites, one devoted to Shechen's humanitarian projects, along with portfolios of Ricard's exquisite work, and the other to Shechen's cultural and spiritual activities and publications.

[Image: Minyak Rangang Mountain, Eastern Tibet, © Matthieu Ricard]

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Matthieu Ricard continues to spread the Dharma in beautiful 's picture

[...] Shaheen writes in today’s Tricycle editor’s blog about molecular-biologist cum Tibetan monk, Matthiew Ricard and how he is: … widely admired [...]