November 18, 2008

Agent Orange's Toxic Legacy Lives on in Vietnam

More than thirty years have passed, and Vietnamese people of all ages are still suffering. Children who weren't even born when the war ended were exposed either though their parents or through environmental contamination. The government of Vietnam cannot afford to help the many dioxin victims. Many U.S. veterans have received money from the several companies that produced Agent Orange, but will the Vietnamese ever see any compensation or help?

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Chekawa's picture

Dear Mr Ryan
Yes it has been many years that the United States has not owned up to what it did in Vietnam but also what it has done to the many men who served in the military. Many who have died and who have been clearly ignored by its government. Countless Presidents in the past 45 years have never stood up for the people of Vietnam let alone all of its servicemen who have died and suffered from agent orange. Most of us who served in country have been left to die off. Funny way to treat a Army is it not? Just let them die off and we can contain the cost and never admit guilt or place the blame.
Most of us are old by now. I will be 65 in the summer of 2009 and a far cry from the 19 years old I was while serving in Vietnam.
Today I read the daily searches emailed to me from Google concerning Agent Orange and it is very depressing. I see pictures of childern in South Vietnam who are cared for by Mother and Fathers who are 75 yeas of age and more. They care for childern who have suffered birth defects and can't care for themselves. What a shame the way we left a country and it's people. It makes you Cry and Weep for them. Vietnam is a very beautiful country and it's people could not be more lovely.


Dear Mr Ryan,

It is beyond the reach of the u.s. government to "compensate" (for) the sort of HELL which was brought, in the name of God, and Civilization, to millions of poor people who had never done any harm to foreigners over the "Pacific" Ocean.

The u.s. army even invented the FREE KILL ZONES. Or, re-invented them, after the Wehrmacht, hunting and chasing the Jews in Ukraine.

One candidate to the presidency was still proud of causing such sufferings, and he proved it during his campaign: For a full week he broadcast a movie through the Internet. The title of his movie was... LOVE. Can you believe it??? He was shown in his aircraft, blindly bombing cities, while a female voice was delivering this comment: "He loved God, and his country".

In a sense he was All-Mighty. Took the lives of 47 members of my wife's family. She sank in mental chaos.

In my humble opinion, the real first thing to consider (if one does not intend to end up in Hell stubbornly, that is) might be to STOP insulting God, and the victims. And, prior to scarce money offerings, The Mighty could express regret, and some compassion. Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt had the courage to do that, and even to kneel down, in Poland. And absolutely no one smiled or put the shame on him.

And, probably, doctors, nurses, surgeons, psychologists... WITH A HEART will save desperate parents (born handicaps are still considered a punishment from Heaven, in remote villages of Viet Nam!!). If so, God bless all noble human beings.