August 17, 2007

Jodo Shinshu, the Khampa Festival, and NRO

Interesting posts on D.T. Suzuki and Jodo Shinshu and Other-Power over at The Buddhist Nerd Haven, and a good article on China's (stage) management of Tibet courtesy of the New York Times.

Also, the National Review takes note of the controversy over making Buddhism the state religion in Thailand. Funny, the NR telling Thailand, a country with an active and virulent Muslim insurgency within its borders, to exercise patience and discretion in dealing with a terrorist threat. Physician, heal thyself. To be fair, the writer Doug Bandow, who had some Abramoff-related troubles in the past, also writes for and so is not in lockstep with the NR party line. In fact, Buckley himself declared "the American objective in Iraq has failed" a while ago, but no one paid the old man any heed.

- Philip Ryan, Webmaster

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ph0kin's picture

Wow, imagine my surprise when I saw my own (hastily) written blog entries mentioned on the Tricycle Blog. :) I certainly appreciate the nod, and I do enjoy reading your magazine.

At any rate, I hope that people who read those entries see another side to D.T. Suzuki that is largely unknown in the West. People in the West often see Suzuki as the guy who brought Zen to the West, but I think what I've read from him thus far tells me that he was deeply interested in many aspects of religion and Buddhism. He wasn't just a "Zen guy", for lack of a better word. Jodo Shinshu had been one of many strong influences on his life, and it seems to have left its mark upon him. :)

The lectures I mentioned where he talks about Jodo Shinshu are from a book titled "Buddha of Infinite Light" and were recorded in the 1950's at the New York Buddhist Church (BCA), according to the book's forward.

Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to read, and take care.