October 30, 2008

Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, interviewed in Tricycle

Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International

Tricycle was very lucky to get an interview with this very important international Buddhist figure and president of SGI, whose members, spread across the globe, number 12 million. The interview, conducted by contributing editor Clark Strand, is the first he's given to any American magazine. Read it here. [Photo © Seikyo Shimbun]

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John49's picture

What are your Terms of Service? ,

aritheus aponte's picture

if president ikeda is for world peace why does he not shut up about the priesthood 18years is to long to go on. he talks about slander. the lotus sutra says pain and suffering caused by one person to others is and act of evil. meaning if one of the nichiren shoshu priest went to bed and sarted to cry would he not be in pain and suffering from all the slander. it is ok for ikeda to keep slandering the priest after all these years.

anna dones's picture

"All of the aberrations of Nichiren Shoshu have been laid bare for the world to see; the plot to try to destroy the movement for world peace,the false creed of wordshiping the high priest,the erroneous view of the true heritage of the law,the missuse of priestly ceremonies and services,the discrimination that places priests above the laity,and the general corruption and degeneration that pervades the teachings.The Diashonin wrote in detail about the nature of arrogant false sages- the third of the three powerfull enemies. he described behaviors that matches the behavior of Nikken."

Michio Abe's picture

SGI President Ikeda does not live an opulent lifestyle. Where did you get that?

Elizabeth Isaacs's picture

Very good article. As a Nichiren Buddhist for 15 years, I thought Tricyle and its author did an excellent job in dispelling it's myths about Nichiren Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai International to its readers. Kudos to you.

Re: Matt's comments about Ikeda and the Nichiren Shosu sect. Ikeda is not a hypocritical spiritual hustler living an opulent lifestyle is totally erroneous as well as his assumption of how Ikeda treats or perceives the priesthood.

I don't know if Matt is basing his comments on a bad experience with the SGI/Nichiren Buddhism or misinformation put out by the Nichiren Shosu sect. I would gladly welcome any dialogue such as my mentor does with world leaders, dignitaries and others in talking about our perspective on the Soka Spirit/priesthood issue.

That's why it's important for such publications such as Tricycle to answer some of these misconceptions about our sect of Buddhism and organization.

Best wishes to everyone in the year ahead! Happy New Year!

Livin's picture

Good article on a interesting and unconventional man and movement : )

karl marx in space's picture

This is truly a great moment of compassion.


Beryl's picture

The interview is being discussed (but mostly criticized) on BuddhaJones.com, fyi.


Matt's picture

He's a hypocritical spiritual hustler living an opulent lifestyle. Why not ask him about the way SGI treats Nichiren Shoshu and how it's radically different from what he preaches?