August 03, 2007

We're all on the spectrum

A very interesting online test here for Asperger's Syndrome that got me thinking. It seems that more and more we learn (or, if you prefer, are told by so-called experts) that things like autism and pervasive developmental disorder are spectrum disorders, and that sexuality is a spectrum between the two poles of purely heterosexual and purely homosexual. Some would even say that gender itself is a spectrum between male and female, and few or none of us are 100% one or the other. Is this merely soft relativism or something grander, like transcending duality? - Philip Ryan, Webmaster 

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Gregor's picture

Pretty insteresting ---- I think if we look close enough at anything we'll come to find that duality is nothing more than an illusion or at best a very limited point of view.


To anyone who may be concerned, I deleted, "Entering the Path" --- You might want to erase it off your blogroll. I started a new blog today and you can check it out at