June 10, 2008

Michael Sawyer

Some sad news: Michael Sawyer, the artist and Zen teacher profiled in Tricycle's Summer 2008 issue, has passed away. Zenshin Florence Caplow wrote last week,

Michael died yesterday afternoon. Lin Maslow was there and told me that it was as beautiful and peaceful as a death can be - Emila, Michael's brother Ken, his daughter and grandchildren all there, one breath, then another a while later, then no breath at all. The bell began tolling at Green Gulch, and people will be sitting zazen with him for the next three days. A great spirit.

On behalf of all the staff at Tricycle, we send Michael's loved ones our condolences. Michael's profile is available here; his website is http://www.michaelsawyerart.com/. For more information about Parkinson's disease or to help support medical research, visit http://www.parkinson.org/

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Karen Appleby's picture

I just read the profile of him this morning (7/27/08). I'm saddened, but what a body of work he gave us.