May 16, 2008

"Sorry," CNN tells China

From the New York Times:

CNN apologized to China after the government strongly complained about remarks made on April 9 by the CNN commentator Jack Cafferty. During a broadcast that came after riots in Tibet, Mr. Cafferty said China’s leaders were “basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years.” China demanded an apology, and angry Chinese accused CNN of biased news coverage. An earlier apology was rejected. But recently China’s Foreign Ministry highlighted a second apology, saying it came in a letter sent by the CNN president, Jim Walton, to China’s ambassador to the United States.

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Tom Armstrong's picture

I disagree, Rick. "China" -- whomever that or they are -- needs to understand that American culture allows for wild, healthy, overblown punditry. George Bush is called an idiot all the time.

While it is not literally true that China is ruled by the "same bunch of goons and thugs," there is a streak of what's true in what Cafferty said. We must allow for a little ranting. CNN should have supported Cafferty.

Rick Woods's picture

Jim Walton did the right thing . Apology needs to be said for mindless wordswhen we are trying to bridge humanity.