May 16, 2008

One-Liners from Lama Surya Das

Some pithy Words of Wisdom from Lama Surya Das:

That which we call "I" is just impermanent, ownerless karma rolling along.

Don't take it personally.


Reality is not all it's cracked up to be.


I'm enlightened enough for now.


Don't forget to medicate the ferrets.

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Rick Woods's picture

Hmmm....Dumb joke.
Try working on something that has to do with Monkey mind.

LOL :p
xoxoxo = hugs and kisses

Sarah Todd's picture

Sorry, readers! "Don't forget to medicate the ferrets" is just a joke that the title of this post was also referring to. I'll change the title to avoid more confusion.

KT's picture

Please! Do NOT give ferrets or other animals Tylenol, or aspirin, etc. It's toxic. If they need pain medicine or an analgesic, get something specifically for ferrets (or other animal) from a veterinarian.

Elma's picture

What have ferrets got to do with it? As a visiting european to this site am I missing something profound?