May 15, 2008

Two Buddhists, Fifteen Feet

Also in today's NYTimes: a feature on Michael Roach and Christie McNally, two Buddhist teachers who consider themselves (celibate) spiritual partners. Roach, 55, who ordained as a monk in 1983, and McNally, 35, live in a yurt, say that they are never more than fifteen feet apart and "admit to a hands-on physical relationship that they describe as intense but chaste." Okie dokie.

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Rick Woods's picture

If they are happy and in love more power to them.

Berry's picture

I think this site might be of use as an alternative view.

TMcG's picture

I prefer the middle way approach personally!!!

Konchog's picture

Well, they're coming to Mongolia in about three weeks. I haven't seen Michael since before his retreat. I'm deeply conflicted about all this and don't imagine it's a very useful model to present to the Mongolians just now. We'll see.

Jan's picture

I think they are great. Just doing something different and what they want to do. I would trust either one of them more than most monks and nuns. Life is not all sex, and I am more than willing to believe them when they say they are celibate.

Danny Fisher's picture

The situation is probably not unlike this, the irreverent Buddhist blogger imagines: