May 12, 2008

An Open Appeal on Behalf of the People of Burma by Jack Kornfield

Dear Dharma Friends,

I want to ask you to consider help for the people of Burma. As you know the blessings of many of our Buddhist teachings have come from the tradition and generosity of the people of Burma. Now the devastating cyclone Nargis has plunged an already impoverished nation into chaos. The most effective was to help that I know of is The Foundation for the People of Burma (FPB), a U.S. registered charity I support. The Foundation already has 70 staff and volunteers on the ground and working to relieve suffering in sites across Burma right now, while most foreign aid workers are still waiting at the border for visas. Because FPB has worked in Burma for many years, it has been able to quickly mobilize its Burmese staff and partner networks to address emergency needs in target areas. To date, the in country staff has mobilized to provide basic survival supplies, including water purification tablets, food, mosquito nets, tarps and rebuilding and sanitation supplies to thousands of people in Rangoon and targeted Irrawaddy Delta areas. They are organizing local medical teams and businessmen as well.

Your tax-deductible contribution will enable the Foundation to continue this life saving work, and will enable us to be there for the long process of rebuilding lives. If you can, please contribute now. Your gift will go directly to the affected population in the bowels of this disaster.

Feel call or email the Foundation if you need more information. The website is; the phone is 415-217-7015.

Thank you for your generosity.

Jack Kornfield
Spirit Rock Center

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