May 07, 2008

Videos from U.S. Campaign for Burma

We're a week into the month of daily videos from celebs such as Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Silverman, and Eddie Izzard on Burma from the U.S. Campaign for Burma. Go to their website to see them all so far, and to read updates on the disastrous cyclone.

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Than Shwe's picture

Have YOU seen all of these videos? They are not very Buddhist.
I have seen and can't wait to see more. They discredit the US Campaign for Burma as a serious outfit.

OMG it's Jennifer Aniston! Now that SHE knows where Burma is I feel bad about killing all those people. I'm going to change. Do you think Sarah Silverman might become my boyfriend? Her comedy is so tasteful.

Thanks for keeping me entertained.

Than Shwe
President of Myanmar