May 06, 2008

Death Toll Rises Again from Storm in Burma; Karmapa visit; Beijing Accuses TYC of Terror Ties

More than 22,000. The junta allows aid to trickle in.

The Karmapa's visit to the U.S. is coming up. His schedule is on this site. At Tricycle we're obligated to mention the controversy over who is the 17th Karmapa, and that there are duelling Karmapas, but this site, which of course has an agenda, says it's a non-issue. It is true that the Karmapa who is coming to the U.S. has a bigger following here, which may explain why he is coming. This is not to stoke controversy or push an agenda -- this visit is a big deal for Buddhism in America.

Beijing says the Tibetan Youth Congress has ties to Al Qaeda. They must be angling for funding from teh Department of Homeland Security. Of course, our government would have to borrow the money from Beijing to pay Beijing anyway

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Loden Jinpa's picture

On Australian TV last night. A Burma expert pridicted the death toll could rise to 250,000. Lets hope he is way off!