April 21, 2008

The E.U. and China; Patriotic Re-education for Tibet

The E.U. and China prepare to politely disagree about Tibet.

Anti-Tibet (and anti-France) protests intensify. France tries to cool China off. Plus more hate for Grace Wang.

China launches a "patriotic education" drive in Tibet. Polish up those jackboots and truncheons and string up the festive barbed wire. China claims it will soon re-open Tibet to foreigners -- that is, guided tours to sanctioned areas with Chinese officials -- and that Tibetan monasteries will soon resume their religious functions.

It's not surprising there is so much fear and loathing of China around the western world, but it seems to surprise China, and it makes the Chinese very angry to see it. The question remains whether it's the rage of Caliban seeing his face in the mirror.

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