April 15, 2008

Dalai Lama in Seattle

Both the Pope and the Dalai Lama are in the U.S., one on the East Coast, one on the West. The Dalai Lama has been met with both adoring schoolchildren and pro-China protesters. Guess which group called him a "CIA-funded militant"? The DL also reiterated his threat to resign if the violence continues.

Students for a Free Tibet has cool Tibetan Olympic gear for sale, but much of it seems to be sold out. Are they playing with our desire?

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marcus's picture

Quite. Less than a debate than a hug.

Remember that picture of the DL and Archbishop Desmond Tutu? Fabulous.

c.'s picture

budhist and christian have a lot to share -- read the Dalai Lama´s book "the good heart" with the word community for christian meditation.

Konchog's picture

I want a word with the adoring schoolchildren's teacher. No way did they come up with the phrase 'CIA-funded militant' by themselves!

Wouldn't you love to see a debate between HHDL and the Pope? Complete with fans wearing the colored scarves of their side, singing fight songs, doing the wave, and holding up coordinated placards in whole sections to make funny pictures and sayings? Shoot, I'd shell out heavy to get into that stadium. Especially if the subject is the previous Pope's assertion of Buddhism as a nihilist religion, as allegedly ghost written by the current lovely.

c.'s picture

good news.