March 05, 2007

The Best Horse

Andrew Merz

There's no shortage of Buddhist websites these days---see our links for evidence---but few are as entertaining and wide-ranging as, edited by my friend Rod Meade Sperry. Taking pop-culture and sub-culture as its starting points, TWH covers a lot of ground. The feature articles exhibit the strength of the site: an unfailing ability to get to the salient dharmic core of the many shapes Buddhism is taking in modern culture. Generally, this is accomplished with humor, sensitivity, and intelligence. The reader participation is impressive---don't miss "Body Vows," the collection of tattoos submitted by practitioners, with their stories---and a feeling of community permeates the site, without social networking being the thrust of the whole thing. There's also a massive array of links to a whole lot of creative people out there interpreting the dharma, categorized clearly with capsule descriptions and commentary, a rare joy to browse through. TWH dwells in the joy and pain of the evolving Western dharma, without judgment.

Andrew Merz, Associate Editor

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preciousmetal's picture

I love the Horse. Rod's site is over the top in ways, but in ways I don't think many care to tread. He's become a good friend and I'm glad to see him mentioned here.

Gregor's picture

Wonderful website thanks for sharing it.

As a transforming bad horse myself, I appreciate the spirit of the site.

deniseglo's picture

Thanks for reviewing The Worst Horse. I have been visiting for a few months and have enjoyed the balance of news and humor. I personally do feel there is room for humor in Buddhism. Mindful humor, perhaps?