April 09, 2008

More connections with 1936

Every day brings more bad news for the beleaguered torch. Now they're saying the first torch relay was in -- you guessed it -- 1936. Gordon Brown, Britain's Prime Minister, won't attend the opening ceremonies, and Bush is said to be weighing the same thing.

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Dava's picture

No. 2: Jamyang Norbu among others has been advocating a general boycott of all Chinese products for years now. I'm sure you didn't think of it first. Chinese-made thermos smashings (in India about everybody uses them) have been a regular recurring ritual in Dharamsala for over a decade. And why do you think in the '89 and '08 uprisings Tibetans were piling up goods in the street and burning them? Because they appreciate Chinese products? Most people think that doing it (boycotting Walmart & just about every other mega-store) is not very possible, and probably impossible for people of limited means. As a strategy that will lead to some good outcome, I'm not too sure about it, are you?

alanbeim's picture

why with all the attention to the olympics is there no talk of just boycotting China in general and not buying their products?

ajit8's picture