April 08, 2008

17th Karmapa headed to the U.S. in May

The International Herald Tribune discusses the Karmapa's upcoming visit to the United States. He'll be here from May 15th through June 2nd.

The article doesn't mention it, but there are two rival Karmapas. Below are links to the two Karmapa's websites. The one coming to the U.S. is the first one below.

Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Thaye Dorje

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sonam's picture

Thaya Dorje the 'other' Karmapa had set foot in the US back in the year 2001 with little publicity in the public domain. He had come to the US to meet his students and followers, to give the teachings of the Buddha and therefore see no point in declaring that 'America is one of the world's most powerful countries.' The statement was removed from publication soon enough apparently, and I doubt it was for fear of offending China (one must admit there are in existance a thousand ways to offend China so that was nothing spectacular) but rather because it was a most inane thing to say for anyone who is over the age of nine, let alone the spiritual head of a thousand year old religious order.