April 05, 2008

Honored Guest or Pain in the Neck?

India weighs its relationship with the Dalai Lama. China grows impatient.

A slew of anti-China protests in India since last month's unrest in Tibet has embarrassed New Delhi, which recognises Tibet as an integral part of China but which offered the Dalai Lama a refuge after he fled Lhasa in 1959.

Dharamsala in the north Indian hills now houses the Tibetan government-in-exile and was at the centre of the recent protests.

The survey showed 47 percent of respondents endorsed India's diplomatic position of not angering China with open support for the Dalai Lama, yet 64 percent said they didn't want the government to stop Tibetans from protesting against Beijing.

"People have a soft corner for the Dalai Lama but they don't want India to take an extreme stand, like say, sending him back or stopping Tibetans from demanding back their country," Prem Chand Palety, CEO of Cfore, the pollsters, told Reuters.

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Bhikshuni Ariya's picture


The journalism we want is the only true one: inform the facts to the People of UK: freedom of Press is an illusion in UK, because it is a slave of Gordon Brown. Consequently, it never publishes that which is against its profits, that is, against announcements paid by the transitory government of Gordon Brown.

China is slaughtering Buddhist Monks and Nuns with the official approval of Gordon Brown, therefore, freedom of press about the true facts in Tibet is an impossibility in UK, because Gordon Brown, for money, refused Human Rights to all.

Business with China being Gordon Brown chief aim, even at the price of genocide.

UK signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to all people in the world, to the People of Tibet, too. UK signed the International Convention for the Prevention of Genocide, anywhere in the world, in Tibet, too.

However, Gordon Brown broke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Convention for the Prevention of Genocide.

Therefore, China is now slaughtering Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Tibet with the approval of Gordon Brown.

Such being the fact, the time has come when British Journalists must strive to own their newspapers, journals and magazines. Or Freedom of Journalism, together with Journalists, are dead in UK.

Journalists blogs in paper, newsletter size, advertised by way of Internet as well, or by any other means available, even by word of mouth, presenting classifieds announcements, accordingly, and sold by yearly subscription, win by presenting the facts to the People of UK, and to Humanity as well.

A journalist who labours in the path of facts, shall always be a winner in his career, and will have thousands of faithful readers, yearly signing pre-paid subscriptions of their favorites journalists.

Awaken, British Journalists!