April 02, 2008

Richard Gere on Tibet

Danny Fisher points out that Beliefnet has an interview with Richard Gere and other information on Tibet. Not only is he dreamy, he's smart and principled. And Richard Gere's not bad either.

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Rinchen Gyatso's picture

"Foxilicious" comes to mind in relation to Danny Boy. I like the "bodhi stud muffin" comment, too.

Let's make the Danny Fisher Fan Club official.

Anonymous's picture

How true my dreamy friend! :)

Erick's picture

Stop the false modesty Danny. You're a bodhi stud muffin. Deal with it.

Danny Fisher's picture

Phil, only in my wildest, most samsaric dreams and on your blog is there any comparison between Good Mr. Gere and I.

theworsthorse's picture

that is a hilarious comment. well done - as usual.