March 31, 2008

Flame arrives in Beijing; China watches domestic opinion

The Olympic torch arrived in Tiananmen Square to be greeted by "smiling Tibetans" in national costume rather than protesters. You can be assured the city was in lockdown.

China feels that domestic opinion is more important than international opinion in weighing tis Tibet policy. Surely Americans at least can understand this attitude.

China seeks India's "understanding and support" for its Tibet policy. India plays host to the Tibetan government in exile and has border disagreements with China, but the two nations are working hard to increase trade and relations in general.

Germans Love Buddhism Watch: Angela Merkel, recently lambasted by the Chinese for daring to meet with the Dalai Lama, won't be going to the Olympics. Or more specifically, not the opening ceremonies.

227 protesters were detained Monday in Nepal, many of them Tibetan exiles. They were due to be released later in the day.

A one-act play on Tibet, thanks to the Level 8th Buddhist.

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