March 29, 2008

China's PR engine (vs. Tibet's)

Continuing its PR campaign, China says it will compensate civilian victims of the Tibetan violence. Some have charged China is inciting race hatred by indicting the Tibetans all across the media. Things really are creeping closer to 1936.

After the blogs attack, CNN has to clarify how it is covering the Tibet crisis. Doubtless most of the Western media has a slightly starry-eyed view of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, and furthermore a prejudice against communist China. The Dalai Lama is not perfect, and Tibet was no paradise before the 1950s. But the world is justified in having questions for China to answer, and when Chinese police are on the street alongside Tibetan civilians, it is not unusual the civilians should get the benefit of the doubt.

Will democracy actually come to Burma in 2010? Place your bets.

26 said to be killed in the incredibly lethal civil war in Sri Lanka.

They've recounted the votes in Bhutan and the royalist party actually won 45 of the 47 seats, not 44. But a reader of the the Guardian says Bhutan's democracy is real.

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Jica's picture

This is not a PR campain, this is what a government does. Again CNN and other western media turned a blind eye to the violence and showed no sympathy to the lost of life of innocent Chinese people. CNN and western media are only interested in using the incident to laugh at China and take the Olympics hostage. To be honest, for average Chinese people Olympics is nothing comparing to the real life in a stable peaceful home.

Zack at USA's picture

Most media have always been against Chinese government no matter what. I think when you see the real pictures and video clips of monks or some mobs attacking normal people for no reason (Not the CNN chopped ones), then you understand that things are not like Daila Lama or CNN stated in general. China did well on enforce rule of laws last few weeks generally.

kim's picture

I do think that people have rights to ask questions to Chinese government, but at least I would like to see news media condemn the violence committed by the criminals on the Lhasa street.