March 26, 2008

The Dalai Lama in TIME and Newsweek; Sri Lanka Silent on Tibet

Tricycle contributing editor Pico Iyer writes about the Dalai Lama in TIME. And excerpts of the Dalai Lama's interview with Newsweek.

Is Sri Lanka silent on Tibet because they get the arms to fight their civil war from China? The island nation, though "constitutionally bound" to protect Buddhism, has been silent because they are "heavily indebted" to China. But who isn't?

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rangajeeva's picture

When it is a question of Dalai Lama or the future existence of Sri Lanka any responsible government would select the future of Sri Lanka. Western governments do not have any real interest in Dalai Lama or Buddhism although the trend has helped the spread of buddhism in the West. American money is being pumped to all Buddhist nations to buy poor Buddhists for conversion.Early the crusaders were armed with the Bible and the bayonet . Now they are armed with the Bible and the dollar.What a shame. Tamil Tigers want to destroy Buddhism and the Sinhalese. Dalai Lama cannot help that situation either. Do not expect simple answers for complex problems.