March 24, 2008

Burma's new constitution disenfrachises monks

A picture of a cute and cuddly koala (which seem to be slightly larger than I'd imagined), plus an interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama from Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa:

Some images of the recent casualties have been graphic and disturbing. Have you seen them? What was your reaction? We heard you wept. Yes, I cried once. One advantage of belonging to the Tibetan Buddhist culture is that at the intellectual level there is a lot of turmoil, a lot of anxiety and worries, but at the deeper, emotional level there is calm. Every night in my Buddhist practice I give and take. I take in Chinese suspicion. I give back trust and compassion. I take their negative feeling and give them positive feeling. I do that every day.

A talk by Shodo Harada Roshi from Urban Monk.

Burma's new constitution disenfranchises monks.

The Tibet Initiative, a German rights group, says they're trying to starve out the monasteries in Tibet. From the Buddhist Channel.

From the Precious Metal blog: China puts out its own message on Tibet, and a Thai torchbearer withdraws from the 2008 Olympic run-up because of the Tibet crackdown.

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