March 20, 2008

What Started the Violence? Plus: A Stroke, Step by Step


[A young Tibetan looks at Chinese riot police officers in Kangding County, Sichuan Province.]

The indispensable Danny Fisher shows us a BBC video depicting the incidents that may have sparked the violence in Tibet. And this article is now updated -- China admits the protests have spread.

Tibet's spiritual leader Thursday said he was powerless to stop anti-Chinese violence as authorities in Beijing acknowledged for the first time that unrest had spread into neighboring Chinese provinces.

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The official Xinhua News Agency said there were "riots in Tibetan-inhabited areas in the provinces of Sichuan and Gansu." Both provinces neighbor Tibet. The Xinhua report blamed the incidents on supporters of the Dalai Lama.

On Thursday, Xinhua quoted police as saying officers opened fire and wounded four rioters "out of self-defense" on Sunday in what it called "Tibetan-inhabited Aba County in southwestern Sichuan Province."

Loden Jinpa has a great video on neuroanatomist Jill Taylor describing a massive stroke step by step -- her own stroke.

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david's picture

From video clips I have seen on YOUTube which is blocked by Chinese government, some clips were shot by western travelers, I saw riot, I saw crimes that were committed towards innocent people and businesses.

I don't know how people with righteous minds can condone this kind of behavior, how people can be so open-minded sympathized with the kind of behavior that cast terror to other innocent people. or just the innocent people in china are no longer innocent because they are living in a communist regime?

For Tibetans, if you believe in independent Tibet, fight by all means, but please don't commit this kind of cowardly act towards innocent civilians, (some are women and children). Demonstrated in front of the government buildings, heck, burn a government building for a change. Because only cowards initiate these kinds of terror attacks on innocent civilians, for they can't fight back.