March 20, 2008

Contact info for China's U.S. Consulates; HHDL opposes Olympic boycott

In case you'd like to remind them the world cares about Tibet. Courtesy of Vichy Democrats ("still dogging Joe Lieberman until he's in his political grave.") Also see TIME magazine's China Blog, which is following the goings-on in Tibet.

The Dalai Lama fears there will be a "lot of casualties" in Tibet. He's still willing to meet with the Chinese, who still accuse him of plotting the whole thing.

Despite it all, the DL is against an Olympic boycott:

The Olympic Games do not take place in Lhasa -- the Olympic Games take place in Beijing. It is illogical to blame millions of Chinese," he told reporters in Dharamshala, northern India, where he lives in exile.

And China's Olympic Delusion, which, despite the DL's charitable attitude, questions the wisdom of China's hosting the event this year. This piece from the Nation was found by Danny Fisher (who also has a great post on the five years of the Iraq war.)

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