March 18, 2008

Ten Reasons to Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Here they are.

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saltwetfish's picture

Perhaps. this article could help the view of Tibet issue in another manner.

Marcus's picture


Let me respond:

1) As for the surprise at living in Asia, I've lived in Asia more or less continously for the past nine years. Besides which, you don't need to visit a place to be able to know right from wrong. I never went to apartheid South Africa but I knew it was a rotten system.

2) The reaction of the US to your imagined situation...... No, I don't suppose for a minute that the US would treat people the way China treats its people. And if it did, then protest against it would be allowed. In China protest is not allowed.

3) In defense of China you can talk about as many things you like about the US, but since when did two wrongs make a right?

Do you think the reaction of the Chinese is proportionate?

saltwetfish's picture

Perhaps I should suggest for those who disagree with me to go to China and Tibet and see the grounds as it is, try to see things from the shoes from the other angle.

Actually you will be surprised by a difference in opinions around this issue from the people living around Asia.

Imagine if all the native indian decided to as US for all their ancester land that was taken from them without rights and permission and organise a Free Native Indian US.. how do you think US govt and the ppl would react... esp if their homes are sitting on those lands?

Also a link like the one above is not self-reflective. Don't US also have death sentences (in some states?), didn't the US no sign the kyoto treaty and isn't it not one of the major contributers to polution including all the US companies that exploits poor countries outside the US?

saltwetfish's picture

No, I don't totally agree with Chinese method neither. But there seems to be a fog over a lot of peoples eyes, esp. in the West on the Tibetan issue such it is very much biased even with in the Buddhist community. How sad.

Marcus's picture

You'd rather Chinese hegemony - at the brutal expense of the Tibetan people?

saltwetfish's picture

Buddhist sites like this should be more balanced in their views instead of believing only in a single Western hegemony of world power.